The Politics of Change – Companion Volume to A Survey of the Nepali People 2017

Edited by Deepak Thapa, In Nepal, the transition to federalism has been met with great optimism alongside increasing ambiguity. All 761 government units work to dispense constitutionally-mandated duties and functions amid high expectations and a still-limited clarity on inter-governmental relationships, amid frequent power struggles. While this is understandable in the initial stages of the implementation of federalism, better collaboration and coordination are crucial. Against this backdrop, The Asia Foundation supported the first of its nationwide public opinion polls, A Survey of the Nepali People in 2017. Requests for more in-depth analysis of the survey data and findings along with comparative analyses with other contexts and data sources of key social, political and economic issues followed the Survey report. This companion volume draws upon the findings of the Survey and other data sources to gauge the country’s trajectory towards a new set-up and reflects on the salient issues around politics, governance, gender, economic transformation, inclusion and borderland dynamics at the subnational level.

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Posted on May 6, 2019