Bhimeshwor Municipality

Situated in the Aadhikhola Valley, Waling Municipality is at the heart of Syangja District. Waling Municipality was established in 1997 AD by merging three village development committees (VDCs) – Waling, Dhanubase, and Pekhubaaghkhor. The municipality is located in the western hilly region and covers an area of 124 and is at a distance of 65kms from Pokhara. It has been listed as one of the Smart Cities in Nepal. The mission of the municipality is to promote the development of agriculture, tourism, business, industries, energy, IT, and infrastructure to support this vision.







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SNGP Partnership Areas

Profile and Plans
  • Municipal Profile and Integrated Information System,
  • Revenue Improvement Action Plan,
  • Subnational Infrastructure Financing Plan,
  • Integrated Information System Guideline,
  • Parliamentary Rules of Procedure,
  • Joint market monitoring guidelines between federal,
  • Provincial and local level government,
  • Market Monitoring and Management Act,
  • Market Monitoring and Management Rules,
  • Local Industry Management Act,
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy.
Health Governance Support
  • Local Health and Sanitation Act,
  • Pharmacy Guideline,
  • Procedure-related to Covid-19 Prevention,
  • Control and Relief Distribution
Capacity Development
  • Law-making process,
  • Local market monitoring
Economic Governance and Public Financial Support