Local Levels in Federalism: Constitutional Provisions and the State of Implementation

Posted on August 8, 2018

By Balananda Paudel and Krishna Prasad Sapkota, Local Levels in Federalism: Constitutional Provisions, and the State of Implementation provides an overview of how federalism is currently implemented against the Constitutional provisions. The assessment examines nine federal laws adopted after the promulgation of the Constitution. As a way forward, the assessment makes recommendations for improving constitutional literacy among elected officials across federal, provincial, and local governments and promoting the fundamental principles of the Constitution on collaboration, co-existence, and cooperation.

The assessment was written by Balananda Paudel, former chair, Local Level Restructuring Commission and Krishna Prasad Sapkota, former lawmaker and local government practitioner. It was published by Swatantra Nagarik Sanjal Nepal with support from the Australian Government-The Asia Foundation Partnership on Subnational Governance in Nepal. The findings and any views expressed in the report do not reflect the views of the Australian Government or that of The Asia Foundation.

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