A Survey of the Nepali People (SNP)

As Nepal transitioned to federal governance structure, The Asia Foundation commissioned a series of nationwide survey, A Survey of the Nepali People (SNP), to continuously gauge the public’s perception and experience with the new political system, as well as their trust in institutions, and key social, economic, gender and development issues. The survey series began in 2017 when the first local elections within the new political set-up had just been completed. Subsequent surveys were conducted in 2018, 2020, and 2022. This national survey, which includes around 7000 respondents, is representative of the Nepali population at the national and provincial levels.

This multiyear effort to gather first-hand opinion on a variety of contemporary, governance- and development-related issues is intended to be useful for policymakers and opinion shapers in government, development partners, the international community, and the broader Nepali public. Every effort is made to ensure that the questions asked, and the information collected on public opinion are actionable, and that, with each passing year, these surveys will become more accepted and widely used, both as a valid and reliable barometer of public opinion in Nepal and as a public-policy tool.