SNGP Fellowship

In 2021, SNGP launched a fellowship in seven strategic partner municipalities to provide opportunities for young women from marginalized communities to acquire essential knowledge and skills regarding local government practices and processes. This pioneering initiative is also meticulously designed to foster leadership and professionalism through capacity and skills enhancement. The one-year fellowship, implemented in coordination with the seven municipalities, aims to develop and nurture skill enhancement within marginalized communities, empowering them to pursue their career aspirations in the future.

During the fellowship, the fellows are stationed at various departments within the respective municipality offices, enabling them to receive a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of local government functions, such as service delivery, policymaking, dispute resolution, and budget and planning processes.

The program combines this operational experience with theoretical insights through learning sessions facilitated by experts to enrich the fellows’ knowledge and further develop their confidence. These sessions include topics such as federalism, local government, service delivery by the local government, gender equality, disability and social inclusion, consumer rights, women’s rights, communication skills, and so on. By empowering women from marginalized communities through this program, SNGP actively addresses the lack of representation in local governance, creating advocates for inclusivity and diversity.

So far, two cohorts of SNGP Fellows have completed the fellowship with the first cohort graduating in August 2022 and second in October 2023. Candidates are currently being selected for the third cohort of fellows.

Graduates of the program are making strides in NGOs, preparing for civil services, and aiming to proactively create a more impactful government sector. The SNGP Fellowship is breaking barriers, championing inclusivity, and nurturing a new generation of critical thinkers and leaders who are deeply committed to making a difference in their communities, and subsequently in Nepal’s governance and social sectors.

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