CDWN Expert Mentoring Event

Published on June 19, 2024

To promote gender-responsive policies at the local level, women need to be involved in decision-making processes alongside representatives and officials. Our Subnational Governance Program (SNGP), in partnership with CDWN has been implementing Expert Mentoring at our Strategic Partner municipalities: Mithila, Waling, Tansen, Birendranagar, and Tikapur. 

These participatory sessions delved into topics vital for the roles of women in leadership, including fostering accountability within governance structures, and practical implementation strategies in planning and budgeting. Mentees also gained valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and explored strategies to actively engage them.  

Its impact has been profound, empowering elected women ward members, fostering inclusive leadership, and nurturing proactive leaders within local governance structures. 

Notable achievements: 

  • In Bhimeshwor, active advocacy has paved the way for women to lead thematic committees. 
  • Elected women representatives in Birendranagar Municipality have assumed roles as acting ward chairpersons, demonstrating growing acceptance of their leadership capabilities. 
  • Mentees have seen significant political advancements, contributing to improved gender representation and equal participation in decision-making roles. 
  • Women have not only used these sessions as dynamic learning platforms with peers but also created environments conducive to networking and collaboration. 
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