The Asia Foundation Nepal is implementing a four-year Subnational Governance Program through its strategic partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The program started in February 2017 and will run until February 2021.

The program aims to support an enabling environment for the development of strong, effective, and inclusive subnational government in Nepal that benefits all, including women and marginalized groups, To contribute to this goal, the program works towards these three outcome areas:

Outcome 1: Decisions on how to address roles and functions are informed by stakeholder input and evidence.

Outcome 2: Informal mechanisms are strengthened to resolve issues and disputes and improve relationships, with draft policies for formal mechanisms in place.

Outcome 3: Strengthened processes for effective service delivery and economic governance.

The program works in close collaboration with the federal, provincial, and local governments as well as civil society organizations, academic institutions, and private sector.

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